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I am a design researcher who applies both computational and interpretive research methodologies in Product Design. My academic backgrounds in Economics and Human Computer Interaction allow me to approach complex research questions with a diverse skill set and a broader perspective.

I support and empower designers and product teams with actionable research insights. I am a scrappy product leader that understands the value of gathering input from customers, and validating bold hypotheses before shipping products. I also enjoy analyzing and improving the innovation lifecycle of digital products, while facilitating the intricate discussions that happen between the teams that build them. As a team member, I use empathy and communication to maintain forward momentum with stakeholders, and use data to drive consensus.

Outside of my professional work, I enjoy working on DIY building projects at home, making ceramics, and going to see my favorite music artists in concert. I am also passionate about diversity and inclusion in STEM fields – I am motivated to help more  students of color build interest in and pursue STEM degrees. 





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