Handmade House


            Over the summer of 2015, I engaged in community-based work by volunteering to assess the needs of a local village in rural Ghana. I generated critical insights that informed the successful construction of a poured earth community center.


The Problem

 854 Million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live in rural areas.  Rapid urbanization in these areas has aggravated poverty and infrastructural gaps amidst modest economic growth centered in more urban-areas. 

In these communities, traditional houses, built of mud provide accommodation for households in villages, small towns and major cities. However stereotypes about buildings made of earth persist in these countries because of poor construction. The design goal of this project was to enable the Ghanaian population - and rural populations in West Africa - overcome the stigma that mud architecture is architecture for the very poor. 


Recounting my experiences often takes a while. Please check back soon to learn about my work on this project. Thank you.